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 Guild Rulez

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PostSubject: Guild Rulez   Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:28 am


All need rulez this for understand why you will be kick Laughing Laughing

1. Racism.

Our Guild is composed by members from at least some countries.
So racism is a total nono and will never be tolerated by commanders.

2. Character.

We are the good guys!

Insulting People
Random PK's

Is not wanted from our guildmates. Even to try to do above nono's is forbidden and can lead to a warning or possible kick from guild.

Anything that is illegal

Will result in instant kick, and we WILL report you.

3. Left/Hollidays.

If you left guild without any notification or reasons you wont be invited back unless decided otherwise.

If you are going offline for long period please make a THREAD with a little info how long you going to be offline for.

4. Helper.

We are Helpfull, not only to Guild members, but to other People too.
Emergency calls from Guildies should be answered and help should be provided as much and fast as possible.

5. Family

We are Family.
so be helpful and polite to other guild members.
In the event of a party drop and a guildmember genuinely needs that item, he is intitled to ask for it, at the discretion of other party members.

6. Craft

We got some crafter in guild.
to get your own craft items you need to supply ALL materials.
Even though we are a guild, it is to the decretion of the crafter whether he will charge a small fee for max craft, so make sure first before you craft.

7. Forum rulez

Any insults not censored will be deleted.
and if you tried to insult admin, you will be ban in forum.

Regards Reavn.

by Reavn

New rule,
You dont get to vote untill you are old member.
New member stay 1 week in guildmember section, after 1 week you get to be moved to your section (class). That doesnt make you old member.
Old member is when you have like 1 month in guild and had some activity on game and forum, dont come here, apply then forget about the forum and post only your friends ask you to: give +1 cause its my friend or i know him.
You cant vote someone else as new guy (seen ppl after 1 day give +1 for another guy), old guild members can vote only.
Bad reasons to give +1:
He is my friend (seen that a lot)
He/she is my bich/wife/gay/boyfriend/girlfriend

Mostly commanders decide if someone is accepted or not. Dont give useless +1 +2 +1000 ... it wont matter if you aint old.

UP 23.04.10

by Eido

New rule,

Voting belongs to commanders only and for the people who know or heard about new guy application!!! (that aint gives u the right to vote if u come to guild one day and the other day your friends follow)
Your oppinion still counts, but if u dont know a single thing about a guy its not ok to vote.
Giving useless +/-1 makes us accept or deny the wrong people.
We are a bunch of commanders and know a lot of people, but not all. This is where your role starts.
Voting for a guy u didnt hear about it its a big risk, they could ask you for stuff later and leave you. Thats just an example.
We try to protect the guild from those guys. Just because u like or dislike him its not a sane reason to vote. Be sure about what you say so we can all be happy.
We can do better ... with better people.

UP 27.04.10

By Deby

New rule,

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Guild Rulez
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