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  Race to 180 - Get Ready for Porta Inferno...

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PostSubject: Race to 180 - Get Ready for Porta Inferno...   Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:46 pm

With the new expansion only weeks away, we are pleased to introduce two brand new events to keep you entertained! These events are designed to strengthen you in preparation for the update and will hopefully encourage many of you to level to 170 just in time for the expansions level cap increase.

Those who hit 170 before the update will be eligible for the race to 180 and will receive, along with all of the existing level 170s, a special reward to be announced at a later date.

So sharpen your blades and get hunting! The portal to hell is not is not far from opening...

Yul's LEVEL UP Programme

With the opening of the Porta Inferno portal only weeks away, NPC Yul has been given the tough task of getting all would-be heroes into shape. For the next four weeks she will be running a specially designed programme designed to encourage all players below the current level cap to prepare for the challenges ahead. She will do this by offering rewards for levels gained, with the higher the level the better the rewards.

Event Period:
8th September - 6th October
Event Target:To level up your character and visit NPC Yul in Green Despair

[B]Levels 1 ~ 30[/B]
Target: Gain 3 additional levels
Reward:[LIST][*]Astral Boardcard K-Sky 7days (Account Bound)[*]Astral Boardcard K-Black 7days (Account Bound)[*]Blessing Bead EXP 10% 2hours, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 31 ~ 64[/B]
Target: Gain 5 additional levels
Reward:[list][*]Copy of Map Part: 1ea[*]Copy of Muster Card: 1ea[*]Copy of Epaulet of Dead: 1ea[*]Blessing Bead – Plus 1day: 1ea[*]Blessing Bead EXP 25% 1hour, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 65 ~ 80[/B]
Target: Gain 5 additional levels
Reward: [list][*]2 Slotted Bluestin Weapon +5  / Option: Critical Damage 28%, Critical Rate 7%[*]Blessing Bead EXP 2% 2hours, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 81 ~ 99[/B]
Target: Gain 5 additional levels
Reward: [list]2 slotted Titanium Weapon +5 (Critical Damage 28%, Critical Rate 7)
[*]Blessing Bead EXP 25% 2hour, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 100 ~ 130[/B]
Target: Gain 3 additional levels
Reward: [list][*]Upgrade Core (High): 2ea [*]Blessing Bead 25% 2hour, Inv duration 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 131 ~ 150[/B]
Target: Gain 2 additional levels
Reward: [list][*]Upgrade Core (High): 2ea[*]Upgrade Core (Highest): 1ea[*]Blessing Bead 50% 2hours, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

[B]Levels 151 ~ 169[/B]
Target: Gain 1 additional level
Reward:[list][*]Upgrade Core (Highest): 3ea[*]Blessing Bead EXP 80% 2hour, Inv duration: 1day[/list]

Monster Invasion

Event Period:
8th September - 6th October

Reports from all across Nevareth suggest that the Golden Pigs and Nian monsters are back, wreacking havoc wherever they go and on whoever they see! These monsters pose a real and genuine threat to the very future of this world and the time has come for you and your friends to stand up and fight for Nevareth's survival.

While details are sketchy, reports have suggested the monsters can be found in the following locations:

  • Bloody Ice
  • Desert Scream
  • Green Despair
  • Port. Lux
  • Fort Luina
  • Lake Side
  • Undead Ground
  • Forgotten Ruin
  • Mutant Forest
  • Pontus Ferrum

Sadly only a handful have returned from facing these evil foes, yet those who have talk of the highly valuable loot dropped by these monsters once dead. Drops are said to include:

  • Slot Extender High
  • Slot Extender Highest
  • Core Enhancer Highest
  • Alz Capsules
  • Costumes
  • Blessing Beads
  • Dungeon Entries
  • Astral Boards/Bikes

Good luck and remember that the future of Nevareth lies in your hands

First mithril amp droper

Your destiny are always moving... but, at the end, you will always die... and i will help you...
I am Eimin
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Race to 180 - Get Ready for Porta Inferno...
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